Major Issues

  1. Voice chat functionality has temporarily been removed from CinQ and is being reworked.
    • This functionality will be restored at some point in the future; in the mean-time we suggest using 3rd party voice over IP solutions.

Minor Issues

  1. Upon joining a session, you may not see the inside of the van and instead see a night sky background.
    1. Simply moving the camera around will restore visibility after a second or two of motion.
  2. Upon exiting the van or entering/exiting/climbing to areas the camera may "slide" across the game world.
  3. Drones will sometimes stop their routine and pivot in place until they detect a player.
  4. The hexagonal indicator that shows which element will be interacted with using the large buttons at the bottom of the screen does not appear for some elements (mainly doors).
    1. Walking away from the interactive element and then walking back to it usually fixes this issue.
  5. Upon success/failure, some menus may remain visible above the ending screen/feedback screens. Please report this, we will be sure to fix it as soon as possible.