The following list of issues is specific to CinQ version 1.4.0 Beta1 and is designed to ensure Beta Testers are able to test CinQ in good conditions.
  1. Some doors will not be activated by pressking keyboard/controller keys. Players must instead click the hexagonal button in the lower center of the screen.
  2. Upon returning to the van after a mission failure/success, the user interface (players list, alarm level, etc.) may be duplicated.
    • If this happens, you should return to the game's lobby, wait a short moment and return to the session.
  3. Upon returning to the van after a mission failure/success or during some transitions (a "loading" indicator will be shown on a dark blue background), the mouse cursor may not be visible.
    • Simply click the right mouse button to restore it to view.
  4. Trying to exit the game or return to the lobby while a new mission is loading may lock the game.
    • Press Alt+F4 (Windows) or Cmd+Q (Mac OS) to quit the game and relaunch it.