1. Launch CinQ (installation instructions are available here)
  2. Choose quality settings depending on computer performance. Here are some rough ideas of what quality setting to pick (the age and specific type of computer may affect your results):
    • Computers optimized for Video Editing/3D Editing/Gaming should be able to run CinQ in Beautiful quality.
    • Computers optimized for 2D Graphics Editing/Intensive Data Processing should be able to run CinQ in Normal quality.
    • Other computers should run on Simple or Simplest qualities. Test them in turn and pick the one that seems best for you.
  3. Select a keyboard layout: the layout name corresponds to the 6 first letters found on the second row of the main section of your keyboard.
  4. Enter your account information (username or email and associated password)
  5. Create a session or join one created by someone else.
  6. Select an available character from the list (characters marked in red have been picked by another player and cannot be selected).

Note: CinQ is designed to test your teamwork and communication skills, it is strongly recommended that you use a headset and microphone to communicate with your teammates via voice over IP.