The following features are planned to be added to CinQ in future updates. They are not in any specific order, and may be subject to changes throughout testing and development.

Major Updates

  1. The ventilation traversal mechanic with hatches, lasers and the map will be updated with a new mechanic based on oxygen management and involving the Engineer more heavily.
  2. The entire ending sequence where players must exit the building and reach the van will be replaced by an entire new area in which the team makes their escape through the sewers while avoiding drone patrols.

Minor Updates

  1. Various improvements to the feedback process, including:
    1. Achievements and/or a podium at the end of the 360° feedback phase.
    2. The possibility of rejoining the feedback process once it has started (after having disconnected or returning to the lobby).
  2. The Generator Room door will include a unique puzzle mechanic in order to be opened.
  3. Various fixes and user-experience improvements. A list of known bugs can be found here.