1. First, if you are unable to start CinQ, please read this article.
  2. Then make sure your computer meets the CinQ System Requirements.
  3. Also make sure your operating system is up to date.
  4. We strongly suggest you type your problem in the search bar above to make sure there isn't an article directly addressing the issue.
  5. If this did not solve your problem, you should submit a ticket or contact us via twitter @DLS_Help and provide us with the following information:
    1. A detailed description of your problem, including as many details as you can.
    2. Which part of CinQ is concerned (the starting screen, the lobby, the in-game menu, exploration, the game's controls, the feedback process, a specific puzzle, ...)
    3. A short description of the events/actions that lead to the problem.
      • If you have the means of sharing images, they might help. Here are ways to capture such images:
      • Windows (full screen): Windows Key + PrtScr (Impr Écran in French)
      • Windows 10 (Part of the screen): Windows Key + Shift + S
      • Mac OS (full screen): Command + Shift + 3
      • Mac OS (part of the screen): Command + Shift + 4